Go Griffin Go!

I take just about every chance I get to hang out one-on-one. It’s easy these days because Gavin has an intense love for mommy, and not so much daddy yet, ...

Playing in Ohio

We’ve had some fun!

Big Wheelin

It’s 38 degrees outside with 25mph winds, but you don’t care. You’re loving Ohio!

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Watching “Cars” with you for the thousandth time. Loving it 🙂

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I could not love you more! You are such an incredible gift.

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Hot Dog Dance!

For the past few months you have LOVED the “Hot Dog Dance” that plays on The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We have it recorded on our DVR for you to watch any time you want, which is a bit too often!  

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This is an every day thing here at the Guard house.

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You’re a stinker!

My little rascal, So you were having a hard time falling asleep tonight. Just playing and tossing and turning on my lap, doing whatever you could do to keep yourself awake. Well I finally got you to calm down a little and I’m rocking with you, singing “our song”. I finish the song and you […]

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Such a Boy

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454 That’s how many days since the day you were born. That’s how many days I’ve been madly in love with you. Mommy

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Griffin POUNDING a Yogurt

I should have moved my hand out of the way in the beginning. This kid loves yogurt.

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Weekend with Daddy

Hey buddy, We dropped mommy off at the airport this morning so she could go hang with some girls in Sacramento. We had to get up at like 6am, and you were already awake!! You were just sitting in your crib in your pitch-black room, looking around saying “dah” (which means that or yeah, depending […]

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Happy New Year!

Hi sweet boy! I just want to say that every day I fall more in love with you, when just the day before I thought there was no way that was possible. This morning, I came walking down the stairs where you were in the family room with Daddy. You were standing at your little […]

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